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Automatic single - head terminal fault solution
Release:2018-01-14Browse 641 

The length of the automatic single end machine is different

1. The pressure of the wire feeding wheel is not enough, and it needs to be adjusted

2. The wire delivery speed is too fast, and it is adjusted to the appropriate speed.

3. The wire itself is of different thickness.

4. The clearance of wire feeding wheel is too large, which needs to be reduced.

Wound wire core

1. The peeling knife is cut too deep and the knife needs to be adjusted.

2. Increase the return parameters.

3. Eccentric core of wire itself.

The thread won't peel off

1. Check the cutting depth of the line head, and adjust the knife value if the cutting mark is too shallow or too deep.

2. The wire feeding wheel pressure is not enough, so the wire feeding wheel pressure needs to be increased.

3. The return parameter may be set too large.

4. The blade is worn and needs to be replaced.

Thread tail won't open

1. The chuck clamping force is small to adjust the inlet and outlet air valve.

The thread is too thin to slip.

3. The return parameter may be set too large.

4. The blade is worn and needs to be replaced

One end of the line injury

Unbroken end

The two ends of the blade are not well adjusted and should be the same size.

The ends are sometimes thrown forward or backward

Adjust the height of the pressure end device if the pressure end device is too large or too small.

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